Tree Farm Products

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Native Hardwood Lumber

Lumber Features
  • All lumber is from sustainable tree farm operation
  • All lumber is air dried for at least 1 year
  • Air dried lumber is typically 11-13% moisture
  • All lumber is band saw cut - exceptionally smooth prior to planing
  • Kiln drying to 6-9% is accomplished using an air tight, dehumidified barn with gentle, slow warming and dehumidification. No high temperature heating.
  • Most planed lumber is priced at $2.50/bf
  • Walnut and quartersawn oak is priced at $4.00/bf
  • Red cedar is priced at $2.00/bf
  • Additional charges of $0.50/bf are added for lumber that is over 9" wide.
  • Additional charges of $1.00/bf are added for lumber that is over 11" wide
  • Highly figured, bookmatched, extra wide and large turning stock may have different prices
We have a wide range of native hardwood species that come and go on a regular basis. Thickness is generally 5/4; 4/4 and 8/4 are sometimes available with some thicker turning stock. Air dry (11-13%) rather than kiln dry (6-9%) is available - just ask. We are quartersawing some species as well. Please call to check on the availability of the following:
  • Hickory (sometimes)
  • Hackberry (often spalted)
  • Red Elm (sometimes spalted)
  • Basswood (available as thick wood carving stock)
  • Black Cherry
  • Green Ash
  • Black Walnut
  • Red Cedar
  • Box Elder
  • White Elm (American Elm)
We sometimes carry a variety of turning stock and burls. Please call to check on the availability and size of the following species:
  • Black Walnut
  • Red Cedar
  • Hackberry
  • Box Elder
  • Cherry
  • Basswood
100% natural shavings produced in my shop. Sold by volume, not by weight - 472 cubic inches of shavings in bag - bagged in a box with inner dimension measuring 14 3/8" x 7 1/2" x 5 1/8". Very low moisture content & packed full. Salvage timber from Iowa and no chemicals or additives!
  • Hickory & Oak
    • Great to use in Grilling or Smoking
    • Foods take on a beautiful smokey color
    • Excellent for red meat, pork, fish and big game.
    • Cover a handful of chips with water, wine, or other liquid flavoring. Soak for 1 hour. Drain well. Toss on hot coals.
  • Elm
    • Great for use in growing mushrooms!
  • Red Cedar
    • Great for Jars or making sachets
    • Deodorizes closets or drawers
    • Great to use in outdoor areas, naturally repels fleas and ticks (great for stuffing a bed for your pet!)

Tree Care & Forestry Products

Our tree care and forestry products are now available at our ebay store as well as in person.
If you would like to order by phone please call 563-652-9688.

Sold in groups of 10, you supply the tree, stake, cable tie and hammer
For fast hand planting of bare root and small potted seedlings
Anchorseal Wax End Sealer - like a "wax paint" - that seals and protects the ends of freshly sawn logs and lumber from costly end checking and degrade. This is also used by wood turners to coat green turning stock. All of our green turning stock is shipped coated in Anchorseal.
By experience, these are by far the best gloves available. Comfort and safety are just two of the reasons I recommend these gloves. I use these gloves exclusively when using chain saws or doing fencing.
The Kevlar lining makes these gloves heat and puncture resistant. They are also good when working with chain saws to cushion against the vibration and adds additional safety.
Price wise these cannot be beat and it is not cheap leather. In all the times I have worked with barbed wire I have never been stuck while wearing these gloves.
Guard Dog®
A seamless, full KEVLAR® brand fiber lining coupled with premium leather offers heavy duty protection.
* 100% KEVLAR fiber lining for superior hand protection in hazardous applications.
* Double-lock KEVLAR fiber stitched construction for added reinforcement.
* Premium grade leather for added durability and improved grip in oily applications.
* Safety cuff for easy on-off and increased wrist protection.
We use Guard Dog gloves on our farm and are so happy with the quality and performance that we are now a dealer!
These gloves would be ideal for many uses by farmer's, loggers, welders just to name a few. These gloves could make your job a little easier and more comfortable.
We carry the regular size and also the hard to find jumbo and women's sizes!
  • The Scribner Tree and Log Scale Stick allows you to measure tree and log diameters from 10" to 40" by 1" diameter classes, and heights up to five 16' logs.
  • You can also determine board foot volumes of standing trees up to 40" dbh and five 16' logs.
  • Scale logs 6" to 31" diameter with volumes printed on stick for 8', 10', 12', 14', 16' and 18' log lengths.
  • Comfortable 25" reach. Sturdy hardwood with easy to read black graduations protected by clear varnish coating.
  • Instructions included.